With us, your child will follow the EYFS curriculum which is made up of 7 key areas of learning, and within each key area, there is a finer aspect. From social and physical development to literacy and mathematics and more, your child will learn the key fundamentals of learning.

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Personal, Social & Emotional Development (PSED)

Also referred to as PSED, this is where your child will learn who they are and where they fit in. Through this, we will help them create bonds with people and make friends. Additionally, they will start to grow their confidence when met with challenges and when dealing with emotions.

Finer aspects:

Communication, Language & Literacy (CLL)

Children will begin to learn and speak new words in this key area. We will monitor their speech progress and support their vocabulary. We will also teach them boundaries and how to understand these. This will help encourage them to express their needs and interests.

Finer aspects:

Physical Development (PD)

We will monitor their fine and gross motor skills as part of our curriculum. For example, holding a pencil is using their fine motor skills, which in turn helps with marking and writing. Whereas their gross motor skills help with balance, running, and climbing.

There is a finer aspect including health and self-care that we will support through your child’s independence including toileting, dressing, and understanding what their body needs.

Finer aspects:

Literacy (L)

Through this aspect, we will help and encourage your child to improve their reading and writing skills. In the early stages of this, they may learn from caring for books and enjoying being read to and later to writing their own stories. 

We use many ways of teaching literacy as writing can be expressed in so many ways. From painting, pencils, chalk, messy play, or even just looking at the written form.

Finer aspects:

Mathematics (M)

We can support with learning numbers through mathematics. They can learn time, quantities, measuring, and recognising numerals.

Finer aspects:

Understanding The World (UW)

In this key area, the children will learn about the world around them. Due to us being situated in St Day which is a wonderful community-led village, we can include the children in activities and events within the village.

Finer aspects:

Expressing Art & Design (EA&D)

This allows all children to be imaginative and express themselves. This could be through play or within a creative project. Children have wonderful imaginations, so we nurture them and allow them to be used and developed wherever possible.

Finer aspects:

Areas of Learning & Development

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