Our outdoor area offers plenty of space and activities for your child to make use of. With peaceful areas to read and plenty of choice of playtime equipment, your children will have lots to do. Due to where we are situated, we can provide the children with opportunities to get out and about within the local community. We use the Early Years Foundation Framework (EYFS) to ensure we support and develop your child’s imagination and independence whilst keeping them feeling safe and secure. 

Children benefit from being able to play and explore both inside and out, so we plan activities that will help engage and motivate them. We try to ensure time for child-led play so can they use their imaginations as well as increase their social skills. 

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We plan activities that will help engage and motivate the children. Activities provide opportunities for creativity and critical thinking; we can also incorporate the children’s interests and what they do at home.

Soil Area: We have a soil area for the children to play with trucks and diggers as well as a large chalkboard for marking and drawing.

Shelter: Our outdoor area includes a large shelter to protect everyone from the sun by providing large amounts of shade. It also helps to protect us from any rainy weather.


Your children will benefit from our wide selection of outdoor equipment. This includes a climbing frame with a slide, road for toy cars, tower, sandpit, mud kitchen, and playhouse. What’s more, the children will have full access to cars, bikes, balancing equipment, and many other toys.


We take great pride in being able to take the children out and about within our local community. They can discuss their surroundings, go on walks, visit the park, and take part in celebrations such as Feast Day. Additionally, your children may help with short trips to the local shop or post office.

To keep everyone safe when outside of the nursery, we always stay in a group and supply and wear high-visibility jackets. We welcome parents to join us on our outings that are further afield. We feel that children learn a lot from group work and outings, so this opportunity allows them to learn more about the surrounding areas whilst being with their friends and parents.

Sunny Corner (Under Construction)

Our Sunny Corner is a wonderful outdoor area that is made up to be a fantasy world. It features fairies and a large soil pit that includes giant pebbles and shells which can be used with diggers and trucks.

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To enrol your child or to enquire about our outdoor area and activities, feel free to get in touch.

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